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DISCOVER: Enabling individuals to know their gifts and equipping organizations to know their people.

My work with individuals, teams and organizations begins with a personal motivated abilities and gifts profile. The Playmaker assessment tool I use is based on the well supported fact that every person is not only unique but profoundly so. All decisions a person makes about education, careers and learning should be founded upon substantial knowledge about what he or she is uniquely gifted to bring to each situation.

The foundational basis of my work is with the understanding that a person is not meant to be put in a box, dropped into a category or described by simplistic labels, numbers, grids or graphs. Each person is, in fact, genetically hard-wired with a motivational design specific to their DNA.

Going through an assessment that reveals a person's motivated gifts and abilities will  allow a person to understand what results they are motivated to bring about in a work setting, what triggers their efforts and what sustains their interest. Individual assessments are a complex, unique, portrait of what the person is gifted to achieve and how they are motivated to achieve it. It provides a dynamic, clear picture of the individual from initial action to a portrayal of the consistent results the person is motivated to bring about. 

This portrait can then be applied to Career Choices, Strategic Management Planning and OD, Leadership and Personal Development, Job Fit Analysis, Functional Team Building, Marriage Counseling and Conflict Resolution.

When an organization understands the resident gifts and motivations of their employees they can mobilize for change initiatives and maximize productivity. It will therefore bring reciprocal benefit for individuals, teams and organizations.

Therefore the process is one of discovering, pursuing and achieving; no matter the context or situation.

PURSUE: Delivering answers and clarity to the following questions while pursuing development.

For individuals, team members or executive leadership:

What is the best direction for my time, energy, and resources? 

Where do I feel detached from my role or responsibility?

What will bring me the greatest sense of fulfillment, meaning, and enjoyment?

When change is imminent, how do I determine the best alternatives?

What are the specific strengths I bring to the many roles in which I operate?

Why do I get exhausted when managing people?

Do I fit politics as a career choice?

When is it time to move into another role within the organization I am in?

What is my complement when looking for new hires?

Do I fit the new job my company is offering me?

When is it time to make a leadership transition in my company?

Will I fit the culture of the organization I am interviewing with?

How do I posture my people for maximum productivity?

How can I improve the communication within my organization?

How do I lead to empower the people I manage?

What should I know about change and how it affects my team?

How do I solidify purpose and direction within my organization?

ACHIEVE: Implementing people-based strategies for productivity and long term results.

As a motivational design facilitator I work with individuals, teams, organizations and leadership. All services are personally designed for your individual or organizational needs. My work will bring awareness and solutions to managers and employees pertaining to environmental stimuli that continuously confront them. My passion is to provide techniques, skills, and training for dealing with growth, change and productivity.

The focus is to assist you to take deliberate acts of common sense that are planned, collaborative, performance-oriented, and people-focused. 

Whether you simply want an individual assessment for personal development or you are looking for assessment for your team or organizational leadership, I will be delighted to answer your questions and cost for services.

Playmaker™ Motivated Abilities Profile

Your Unique Design

The Playmaker Assessment provides a comprehensive and dynamic picture of the individual organized into 7 components and an average of 65 elements describing what the individual is motivated to accomplish. No profile duplicates another, and no other assessment tool in the marketplace provides such a 'dynamic' representation of the unique individual.

This portrayal of a person's motivated abilities and strengths can be utilized for personal development and transition, career path decisions, job fit analysis, functional team building, marriage counseling, conflict resolution,  organizational development, executive coaching and succession planning.

Each person is provided a personal one-on-one feedback and an application session. Each session takes about 90 min.  for a total of approximately 3.5-4 hr.

Please contact me  below to send you the details and pricing for the initial process and the numerous application sessions.  

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